VFX Photography Portfolio by Luminauts

VFX Photography

By admin on July 20th, 2014

VFX Photography

We combine dynamic photographs with cutting edge visual effects to create artwork perfect for:
  • Album Artwork
  • Film Posters
  • Promotions
  • Print Advertisements & Marketing Material
  • Unique Portraits
  • Commissioned Artwork

In the collection of images above, everything that isn’t a person has been digitally created from scratch, which alleviates the need for costly and cumbersome physical set construction and props. We take pride in having an “anything is possible” attitude and haven’t met a concept that we can’t bring to life.

Every image is as unique as you/your brand and pricing is bespoke to ensure that you’re getting great value for money.

Whether you’re still searching for a concept or you’re looking to bring your sketches to life, we’re keen to get involved at any stage of the process. Send us an e-mail and we can get the process started!