Headshots & Portraiture

Perfect for actors, models or those really proud of their new haircut

For £140 you’ll get:

A choice of either
  • An hour long shoot in the Hersham studio OR
  • A shoot at a location chosen by you (within 10 miles of us)
which will include
  • Unlimited look changes within the time frame
  • ALL of the best shots from the session colour corrected and retouched

While we’d love to make every photograph a VFX Photograph, we recognise that that’s not always appropriate. By offering industry standard Headshots & Portraits we get to keep our skills sharp and meet a wider range of clients in more of a real world setting. Whether you’re after professional shots to win over the casting director or portraits of yourself and a loved one, we’re happy to help!


Unlike many other Headshot vendors, we’re not interested in giving you one solitary image at the end of an hour shoot. Instead, we’d like to give you a range, all of which will be retouched to the standard that you see above. Once we’re done with your images, you will receive them in:

Can we tweak things a bit?

Each session is tailored to your exact needs, and although most shoots come in at £140, we are open to travelling that bit further or adding the extra quirk that may incur a slightly higher cost.

What about prints?

We make it a point to routinely compare the quality of the country’s leading professional print labs to ensure that we can provide the absolute best quality prints should you need them. We offer two different services: